How To Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Over time your toilet water can cause an unsightly rainbow of stains and mineral build up in your toilet bowl. CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover helps you flush the filth away.

Get Started
Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Before you get started, always use gloves and check if CLR is suitable to be applied on the material you are trying to clean. Test the CLR on an inconspicuous spot first before applying to entire surface.

Step 01

Turn off water supply. Remove or Flush water from the bowl.

Step 02

Pour one cup of CLR into the bowl.

Step 03

Let the CLR sit for 2 minutes.

Step 04

Scrub with brush to agitate the surface.

Step 05

Turn the water supply back on and flush away.

Step 06

For heavily built up stains, repeat the process again.