Your laundry looks its best when your washing machine performs at its best. The secret to clean clothes is a clean washing machine, and the best way to get that clean is with CLR. It is so simple to do, once you know how.  

For top loaders:

Step 1: Run your empty machine (no clothes) without detergent up to the main wash cycle, which is where the water stops and the cycle is about to agitate.   Stop the machine and add 1/2 cup of CLR directly into the tub of the machine.

Step 2: Finish cycle. Run one additional full cycle (wash and rinse) with water only to rinse machine fully.

If your machine is HE (high efficiency) and/or ‘Water Saver’ we recommend using a ¼ cup, instead of the normal ½ cup recommended for any other type of washing machine.

For Front Loading Machines.

Step 1. Simply add a 1/4 cup of CLR to the soap dispenser. (including Front Loading HE machines).

Step 2. After full cycle has completed, run an additional rinse cycle with just water. Make sure there are no clothes or other chemicals in the machine when using our product.

Your machine is ready to use !